Everyone’s a critic

WARNING: random thoughts incoming


Boundaries. Sometimes set up to keep people out, sometimes set up to keep people in, some are physical, others exist unseen. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re destructive, but anyone who puts up a boundary feels that it is justified, and everyone at some point, does it. It seems to be impossible to be totally inclusive.

One group excludes another on the basis of whatever they deem justified, so that group is then excluded by another group who want to include the group that was excluded in the first place. They then “call each other out” on their mistakes to help educate and change whilst accusing the other of using shame tactics even though the only difference between the two is determined by which side of the boundary you are on it seems. At this point those within the boundary defend others in the boundary from “attacks” from those outside the boundary, usually by launching their own attacks about tribalism or some other benchmark.

Tactics, reactions; they’re seemingly all the same no matter the group, only the justification changes and only time will tell whether it is justified.