Rounding up what I missed

So having spent 10 days in a cottage on the east coast of England with little mobile signal and even less internet connection, I missed quite a few great articles written by some great people so have decided to post them into one blog as opposed to spamming my Twitter and Facebook feeds. It was for my honeymoon and my wife would be a very unhappy wife if I spent it all on the computer so it was worth it.

We kick off with Peter Enns who always writes great pieces and is really hammering them out since launching his new website (got to get that marketing done):

If John Piper taught the rulings of Rachel Held Evans

3 things about evolution and recalibrating your orthodoxy meter

Faith without expecting something in return

A blog post in which I ask myself 4 questions about Christianity and evolution

He also went on an epic rant on his Facebook page:

If I see one more authoritative evangelical voice saying that the idea of sources in the Pentateuch is academically dead and passé, I’m going to speed-dial S.H.I.E.L.D. and get the Avengers involved. It’s not dead. Wellhausen’s 19th c. original notion is passé but the idea of the existence of sources behind the Pentateuch is like, duh, obviously. It’s like evolution. The idea of common descent isn’t “dead” because science has moved beyond Darwin’s 19th c. explanation. Yes, there are those who think sources behind the Pentateuch and evolution are bunk. Fine. Live your life. Be happy. But don’t say the idea is “dead” and so Moses as author has new life. It doesn’t.

James McGrath, Unfundamentalist Christians and David Hayward have been swinging  in with some posts about religious rights and liberty in light of the clerk refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples even though the law requires her to:

Self-serving ideologies; The Kim Davis saga – James McGrath

What about my religious liberties – Unfundamentalist Christians

Kim Davis; beliefs and separation – David Hayward

James has also been weighing on the “Jesus is a myth” debate (spoiler; he doesn’t think Jesus mythics have a leg to stand on) and there are more links in the wrap up article “Finishing my mysticism article series. James’s varied work continues as he dives into Biblical inerrancy and literalism along with Daniel O. McClellan and Kyle Roberts:

Take the Bible literally – James McGrath

Did Jesus believe that scripture is inerrant? – Kyle Roberts

On the myth of scriptural literalism – Daniel O.McClellan

Whilst Derek Flood just straight up asks; “Why read the Bible?

Unfundamentalist Christians round off their work by asking “Is God in control?” and I would have been dissapointed had a post about what the Bible says about homosexuality not been written whilst I was away.  They dutifully obliged with “Clobbering the confusion about 1 Corinthians 6:9-10

Hell seemed to be talked about subject again as 2 Bens (Irwin and Corey) ask how do we talk about it; being burned alive for eternity is optional it seems:

How to talk to your kids about hell – Ben Irwin

A sincere question for my friends who believe in hell – Ben Corey

Ben Corey seems to have made it a series and has started another titled “What is Franklin Graham wrong about today?” Should be a short series and posts, the answer is “probably everything”

John Pavlovitz, who is becoming one of my favourite bloggers has written 2 crackers with “What to do when you think you’ve lost your faith” and “Christian, while you’ve been busy bothering gay people” To wind up the pieces, Nicola Menzie over at Christian Post asks “What is Americas largest protestant denomination doing to combat predatory prosperity preaching” whilst Upworthy posted who the Star Wars brilliantly posted a response to a sexist comment on their wall (“The Star Wars Facebook page just replied obviously and correctly to a sexist comment“)

I also discovered a new blog by Sophie (a close friend of ours) The tag is “painfully honest” and it really is as she details her battles with constant pain and her faith journey. Please, everyone go and check it out at SophieDora.

The internet is not just made up of insightful articles and porn, it’s also full of pictures that usually involve cats. In non-cat related pictures, there were some pretty good ones along with screen captures doing the rounds:

10341494_1160895503926778_7279561280747092013_n 11205585_1690176057865067_3646059745264672659_n FB_IMG_1438784646568 FB_IMG_1440280468333 FB_IMG_1440405827698 FB_IMG_1441198352497


Speaking of pictures, here’s one with me and Ronnie O’Sullivan:

Ronnie O'Sulivan2


And lets round off with some wedding photos why not (these are not the official ones) Doesn’t Sarah look stunning? The answer is yes, absolutely and I don’t look too bad either!

11953029_10153661104672664_2314155389334428129_n 11891995_10153668931913629_6993365163961652876_n 11951287_10153499784623150_5381601278879566392_n


And to top it all off, 343 Industries and Microsoft released this 3 and a half minutes of awesomeness (warning, contains lots of Nathan Fillion) I’m still calming down.

That concludes todays round up. Hopefully the next post will have something a bit more original. I’m also finalising some new stuff which I hope to share soon (nothing huge really but it’ll be fun; for me at least)




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