Worship to Rave

Then young women will dance and be glad,
young men and old as well.
I will turn their mourning into gladness;
I will give them comfort and joy instead of sorrow. (Jeremiah 31:13)

This is the culmination of an idea that started about 10 years ago when I thought about the similarities between the rave culture and Christianity and how funny it would be to play Hardcore music in church. This was put aside as I went through my life without God.

Since re-discovering Christ and getting to hear worship songs by the likes Chris Tolman, Tim Hughes, Starfield etc it brought the idea back to the fore. Could you use dance music as worship music? Christian dance music has never really worked for whatever reason but if you could combine the energy of a rave with worshiping God, it would be truly immense!!!

So this is my attempt to do just that – use the energy of a rave and its music to praise and worship God. As I was putting together the tracks for this, the idea began to evolve. Some of the tracks just resonated with me, not just in terms of praising God but in terms of what God is saying. With a lot of these of tracks, the perspective needs to flip a little as these can appear to focus on the materialistic. But if you switch that to it focusing on Christ, the tracks become extremely powerful. If Christ can take worldly things and use them, why can’t we?

Whilst this mix has tracks that sum up various stages of my life, all can be used to worship God and be an example of his glory and everything about him. But music to me is about feeling, it’s about being able to let yourself go so whilst the lyrics are important, it’s the beat the melody and the ability of both to sweep you up and take you on a journey. Music is also a very personal medium in a way. Whilst a couple of these relate to my life, you might find whilst listening they relate to aspects of your life or they resonate for some reason.

There are multiple aims to this really. The main one is to demonstrate that it is possible to use hardcore tracks as worship. It doesn’t just have to be about a guitar, drum and conventional music composition.  Another is to demonstrate that sometimes it pays off not to take things at face value.

So without further ado, the mix can be downloaded direct from my website (may need to right click on the link and select “Save link as….”)

I am glad to have finally given this a proper attempt. This mix means more to me than any other because of what it’s trying to do. It’s completely free and any feedback will be greatly appreciated on either the mix, individual tracks or anything related to it. Feel free to share this with anyone you think may be interested.

Below is the track list:

1) Dougal & Gammer feat DWB – Shine Your Light
2) Mikey Skedale feat Jenna – Through The Darkness
3) Footprintz – Angels (Sy & Unknown Remix)
4) Darwin & Fretman – Summer Of Love
5) Dancelordz – Promises
6) Heaven7 – This Life (Breeze & Styles Remix)
7) Dougal & Gammer – Anyone Else But You
8) Dougal & Gammer – Expressions
9) Eufeion & Miss Defy – U And Me (Together)
10) Heaven7 vs Al Storm – Dance With Me 2010
11) D Code – Direction (Hardcore Mix)
12) Hypersonic vs Jorg Schmid – Doesn’t Matter (Dougal & Gammer Remix)

Hope you enjoy it 🙂


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