All opinions are valid but some are more valid than others

During most conversations/discussions/debates where 2 or more differing viewpoints are involved, you will eventually hear either; My viewpoint is just as valid as yours or You’re trying to force your beliefs onto me. It seems though that the former is not always true and the latter is often unavoidable.

The usual instance when the “you’re trying to force your beliefs on me” comes out when a group of people are trying to prevent something from happening. Those in favor of something say those who are against it are trying to force their beliefs on them; those against something are saying the same thing about those who are for it. The other time its used is when people try to stop something because its against their faith or other beliefs. I completely get this objection, as a Christian I would not want the law to be based on something from the Koran for example and Governments shouldn’t do this (though they do in middle eastern countries). The question of which interpretation are you going to base the law on comes into play. Christianity has a wide variety of theological views and discussions regarding interpretation are commonplace so the point remains. If one interpretation is taken into law, those who disagree have to accept it. You can’t expect people to disregard their faith when dealing with issue though, it just doesn’t just doesn’t work that way.

Going further, anyone who votes, does so because they agree with the political views of the person/party they vote for. They vote so they hopefully get into power to bring those views into law. Once in law, it applies to everyone. In effect, you want your political views forced on everyone else. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t vote. In a democracy, the majority wins so whoever is in the minority, has to comply with the majority view; it is forced on them as they didn’t vote for it. That’s just they way democracy works, the majority view wins and the minority have to accept. Democracy results in the majority view being forced on everyone, dictatorships are one persons view forced on everyone. End result is still the same; 1 group will get what they want whilst another group has to accept the decision.

We come onto the notion that all views are valid. In short, not all views are valid. If I believe same sex couples should get married and someone else doesn’t, we can’t both be right as they are 2 contradicting statements. If they both cannot be right, they both cannot be valid. It’s not saying that you can’t have an opinion, everyone is entitled to their view. We all believe our views are valid, no one holds a view they believe to be wrong. If we think our view is wrong we change it or at least consider changing it. Also, just because a majority hold a viewpoint, is not a measure as to whether that view is correct. The majority once thought women shouldn’t vote and blacks should be segregated from whites. None of this answers the question of which view is valid, that’s why we have discussions. Even with these discussions we may not agree which viewpoint is valid, but that doesn’t mean both are or that there isn’t one.

Let the discussions commence.

First posted June 14th 2013


3 thoughts on “All opinions are valid but some are more valid than others

  1. There’s a wide chasm between a valid opinion and a right answer.

  2. Mere Dreamer says:

    I have finally realized why I don’t vote. Thank you for putting it so clearly. How on earth can I say I “know” the “right” answer? The very fact that there is so much honest and genuine disagreement only highlights the fact that there isn’t always a way to know, even with the Bible at hand.

    No, the best I can do is to walk forward in what I do see, awake to the alterations in perspective that come through experience and study, while guided by love and honesty. The rest is out of my hands.

    I trust God holds the complete solution to this dilemma … but do I need to know it? *shrug* Maybe I don’t.

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