Hurricanes in Heaven

The Hurricane.  They’re capable of generating sustained wind speeds of 150 mph (240 km/h) and can grow up to be up to 900 miles (1440 kilometers) wide. These monoliths are a result of the sun, sea, sky and rotation of the earth all coming together. Occurring mostly in the summer months they largely born, live and die over the vast oceans that help create them, largely undetected except for the satellites and sensors of the National Hurricane Center. Every now and then though, they come ashore with devastating consequences. In 2012 Hurricane Sandy hit land resulting in the deaths of 148 people and an estimated $65 billion worth of damage. There were warnings and advanced notice, and their track can be predicted with a fair degree of accuracy but sadly, not everyone can leave and get out the way.

Another natural event with its own mind-boggling set of numbers is the Tornado. Can grow to be up to a mile wide, generate sustained speeds of 275 mph (440 km/h) and can travel across ground at touching 75 mph (120 km/h) Much like the hurricane, they are fueled by the mixture of sun, water and sky, and occur mostly in the summer months; born live and die largely unnoticed except for the cameras of the storm chasers, in their habitat of the Texas/Oklahoma border. Unlike the hurricane, they are very visible and can form with virtually no warning. When they hit a populated area, it can all bar wipe it off the map in a matter of minutes. In 1997, an F5 tornado hit the city of Jarrell, Texas with such force that it ripped the tarmac off the road and soil & grass up to a depth of 18 inches.

These are naturally occurring events, all being fueled by the very elements needed to sustain life on this planet. When they cause the massive damage and loss of life that has been seen, some look to say it was Gods will as punishment for varying sins. I’ve argued elsewhere I believe the answer is categorically no. So if that is the case, and these hurricanes and tornado’s occur as a result of the very laws needed to sustain life on this earth, a question popped into my head on the train home; will there be hurricanes in heaven?

Hurricanes and tornado’s and not evil, they have no consciousness or conscience to speak of. They just go where the other forces of nature lead them.  The Bible does talk of a renewing of the earth when it joins with heaven after Jesus’s return. A renewing implies this world is currently not working as it should so are hurricanes part of that problem? If they aren’t and they are unavoidable, God would need to change the fundamental nature of the natural world so they don’t occur. Will this involve a complete re-writing of the laws of physics and nature? Will we have the power to rebuke and calm them like Jesus did in the boat? That storm may have been the beginnings of a hurricane. We know there will be no more death so we won’t need to fear them so will there be hurricanes in heaven?

No idea, can’t wait to find out though.


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