Christian groups supporting schools: Secularists see exploitation where schools see a service

I’ve long had my suspicions about the NSS, this just reinforces all of them.

God and Politics in the UK

Evangelism in State SchoolsToday’s post is an immediate response by Danny Webster to an inflammatory report released today by the National Secular Society attacking the work of Christian groups who offer their services to schools. Danny blogs at the curiously entitled Broken Cameras and Gustav Klimt and tweets at @danny_webster.


With words like ‘infiltrate’, and ‘incursion’, and ‘manipulate’, you are left in no doubt from the National Secular Society’s (NSS’s) latest report that something bad is going on.

That bad thing  as far as the NSS is concerned, is the involvement of many Christian groups in a wide range of school activities, from assemblies, to religious education, to sport, to after school clubs. What is met with outrage is that people would give of their time to serve the local community and contribute to the education and wellbeing of students.

The report, Evangelism in State Schools, finds that ‘there is a significant…

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